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Mission and Vision Statement:


We are a group of like-minded fishermen with the common goal of introducing new comers to the sport of kayak fishing. We are a social group, giving each other guidance and valuable info. Promoting kayak fishing in a responsible manner.

We do not “bad talk” about fellow kayak fishermen nor do we promote brands. Any info you wish to share on the chat group which are positive and non-offensive (verbally or visually) will be respected n valued.

Everyone who associates themselves to this group is requested to carry the group’s name with pride and dignity. To promote it responsibly to the broader community and never bringing this group or its name into any disrepute.

To respect and adhere to current regulations governing us pertaining to fishing permits and bag limits.

Any positive ideas which are for the benefit of the group and its name are requested be worked through the administrator or nominated persons, to prevent chaos or misrepresentation of the group and its name.

All social media pages and blogs are part and parcel of the Just Kayak Fishing.za brand and are subjected to the same criteria as our Whatsapp group chat.

Enjoy your Kayak Fishing with us!


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